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Raw-ripened wild boar loin

Galician Jar – Pâté with Bell Pepper

Pork product, fine minced, offals, sterilised

Ingredients: 50% pork, 25% pork liver, 20% pork fat, 4% breadcrumbs (GLUTEN), EGGS, broth, salt, onion, natural condiments (pepper, garlic, bell pepper), pork gelatine

from 4 to 20 ℃
After opening, store in refrigeration conditions, consume within 4 days of opening. dni
Price: 9.60 zł / sztuk

Raw-ripened pork fat

Pork springs

Raw-ripened wild boar ham

Roasted thigh

Raw-ripened leg with bone

Smoked neck meat from Dukla

Smoked tenderloin from Dukla